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  • Attribute - When adding attributes like company, the variable company, the getCompany Get method as well as the setCompany Set method are generated in the entity class by which the company variable is accessed (getter and setter).

    Code Block
    private String company;
    // Returns the attribute
    public String getCompany() {
    	return company;
    // Sets the attribute
    public void setCompany(String attribute) { = attribute;

  • Int oder Integer - You are advised to use type classes such as integer for the attributes of your entities, since primitive data types like int cannot assume a null value and such a value is frequently used in relational databases.
  • Missing Java data types : In - In the process of the database generation, the data types that are suitable for the database are automatically used for the Java data types used in the entities. 


All other settings are related to the structure of the database. Without export or update they have no effect.

Editing attributes