Java Development Kit (JDK)

To deploy RapidClipse, JDK 8 or later is required.

Download JDK

  • Download and set up Java 8
    Runnable combinations:

    Operating system JavaRapidClipse
    Attention: If you are using a 32-bit operating system you can only install Java 32-bit (x86) and, as a consequence, you can only use 32-bit RapidClipse.

Add JDK to RapidClipse

  1. Select Window > Preferences in the menu.
  2. Select Java > Installed JREs in the following dialog.
  3. Click Add..., choose Standard VM in the following dialog and then click Next >.
  4. Under JRE home, click Directory and select the JDK folder on your PC, e.g. jdk1.8.0_101
  5. Select the current JDK version and click Finish.
  • JDK Folder - By default, the JDK folder is located under C:/Programme/Java/.