Web & Desktop Interfaces

In the majority of traditional software applications, certain areas of the interface need to remain permanently visible, e.g., a navigation or status bar, while the individual views of the application can change. Any interface elements that need to remain continuously visible must be located directly in the MainUI, separately and independently from the individual views. This can be achieved using a layout.


Views, which additionally are in a panel, can be scrolled.


  1. Create a new RapidClipse project.
  2. Add a few buttons to the MainView which you find in the GUI Builder.
  3. Click MainView and Toolbox> Constraints> Height to make the MainView scrollable.
  4. Under Project Management > User Interface, select the MainUI.java file.
  5. Add a BorderLayout in the MainUI..
  6. Add a MenuBar to the top of the BorderLayout.
  7. Add a panel under the MenuBar in the BorderLayout.
  8. Select the Navigator under Structure.
  9. Select Properties > or SingleComponentContainer > panel.
  10. Click Save.

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