Patchnotes Version 3.1.1


  1. We changed the version of the Jasper Reports Library for some security reasons. Old version 6.3.0 to new version 6.4.0


  1. Sometimes the “XdevContainerFilterComponent” doesn’t work proper. Specially if there are "null" references to other entities.  This has been fixed.
  2. In the past in some rare cases, the code was destroyed by creating an "event" during a running preview. This has been fixed.
  3. Sometimes some entities were invisible in the XdevTable when sorting the table by clicking the tableheader. This happens because of some “null” references in the entity. This has been fixed.


  1. In the past, if there wasn’t a primary key in the database table or view all attributes were combined as identifier. But this kind of identifier doesn’t work proper in some situations. Now you are able to decide which column or attribute should be used as identifier attribute. During the import of entities if there isn’t a primary key a wizard occurs and you can choose one or more attributes as identifier in the future.
  2. We added some more syntax features for the JPA-SQL editor. You can find a list of all functions here:
  3. It is no longer possible to create an entity without an existing datasource in the project. This was possible in the past but leads to a mistake in some cases. The created entities were not registered in the “persistence.xml” because this .xml doesn’t exist without a datasource.
  4. We added a new popup screen to inform you about our events and other new RapidClipse stuff. Don’t be scared, this popup only occurs once a day.
  5. We added a newsticker in the left bottom corner. This ticker shows links to our blog or other good information’s about RapidClipse.
  6. We added the Twitter ticker also in the left bottom corner so you can follow us.

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