XDEV Mobile Kit

The XDEV Mobile Kit allows you to access mobile devices from a server application developed with RapidClipse as well as the final deployment of hybrid apps.

  • Tools - Allow you to deploy hybrid mobile apps and transfer them directly to mobile devices.
  • API - Grants access to hardware and system functions of mobile devices via Vaadin.

Supported services

  • Device buttons - App service

  • Barcode scanner - Access to all barcode scanners. Some of the formats: QR, Data Matrix, UPC E/A, EAN 8/13, Code 128/93/39, CodeBar, ITF, RSS 14/Expanded, PDF417, MSI, Aztec

  • Camera
    • Access to photo and video function, front and back camera 
    • Direct transfer of images and videos 
    • Storage of pictures and videos on the device with later processing via file service. Optional: Picture/video, front/back camera, quality, file format
    • Access to image library
  • Contacts
    • Browse the contact database
    • Select a contact
    • Edit and save a contact 
  • File system - Reading access to the file system of the mobile device.

  • Geolocation 
  • Current position (lines of longitude and latitude as well as altitude)
  • Tracking the position by motion data (direction and speed)

  • NFC - Option to read and write NFC tags

  • Vibration 
    • Simple vibration with variable duration, e.g. 1 sec.
    • Vibration patterns with variable duration and pauses, e.g. Vibration 0.5 sec, Pause 0.3 sec, Vibration 0.1 sec., etc.

Deploy mobile app

Mobile App Deployment