Patchnotes Version 10.3.0

We created the Version 10.3.0 to add a lot of small hotfixes but also to prepare the IDE for upcoming upgrades to include Vaadin versions greater than 14 and more importantly to switch from Bower Mode to PNPM Mode in the future.

Main changes:

RapidClipse now requires Java 11 to run:
The newer versions of Eclipse now require Java 11 to run. If you do not want to switch your JAVA_HOME to Java 11, you can specify the path inside rapidclipse.ini. This file can be found in the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\XDEV Software\RapidClipse X\rapidclipse.ini). In there you will need to add the -vm argument (needs to be before the -vmargs argument) and in the next line the path to the bin folder inside the Java 11 folder. Here is an example:

-- start of rapidclipse.ini -- -vm C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin ... -- end of file --

Separation of DesignView and CodeEditor:
Because of technical issues and usability improvements we removed the possibility to switch between the UI and Code View from the same editor window. Now a View named “CustomerOverview“ consists of two files or classes in the Project Management. A .java and ui.xml file. Both of them can be opened separately. This gives the advantage not having to open the UI and start the heavy preview server in the background if we only want to change a small java line of code. Does that mean I have to open both file always manually? No! If one file is opened, no matter if the .java file or the ui.xml we can open the other part by using the “ALT + SHIFT + E“ shortcut. There is also a button in the ToolBar to open the counterpart.


  1. XWS-1837 - We added the new AppLayout Template. It can be accessed via the New Project wizard. We strongly recommend using this template for responsive WebApplications.

  2. XWS-1826 - The “Video“ functionality of the WebAPI got some new methods to start and stop a video by code instead of clicking the play and stop buttons in the web browser.

  3. XWS-1820 - The “HasControls” property of the number field was only available by code. We added this properties to the properties section in RapidClipse

  4. XWS-1817 - For I18N purposes we added a more detailed differentiation between different language regions like English (Australia) and English (United States).

  5. XWS-1768 - We added the “GridExportDialog“ feature to the Code Palette. It should appear after adding the Maven Report Dependency

  6. XWS-1832 - We improved the Maven project structure a litte bit by moving the WEB-INF folder from “/src/main/resources“ to “/src/main/webapp“ on project creation. On existing projects this folder can be moved easily.

  7. XWS-1836 - From now on the “GridExportDialog“ uses the “@Caption” annotation of the attributes as the default column header. If no “@Caption“ is available the attribute name is used.

  8. XWS-1840 - We reworked several of our project templates for a better working experience and maintenance when using them.

  9. XWS-1871 - We updated the Shiro Framework because of a security vulnerability.

  10. XWS-1848 - We updated several views and parts of the code editor to look much better with the eclipse dark theme.


  1. XWS-1841 - Adding an entity with a transient attribute to a grid and choosing this transient attribute as a column, leads to an IllegalArgumentException. This has been fixed.

  2. XWS-1851 - Using an “INTO CustomerHelper” statement in the JPASQL Editor and trying to create the class “CustomerHelper“ generates an error in the IDE. This has been fixed.

  3. XWS-1822 - Because of some restrictions it was not possible to use the “Create Driver“ feature for Oracle DB´s in RapidClipse during the database import. The Oracle JDBC Drivers are now available in Maven and “Create Drive“ now works as expected.

  4. XWS-1823 - Because of a Vaadin Bug it was not possible to select multiple values in the “MultiSelectListBox“. This has been fixed by updating the used Vaadin Version.

  5. XWS-1824 - Using a 4K screen resolution with the RapidClipse UI-Builder works not as expected. The selection doesn’t always work as it should and so on. This has been fixed by reworking the scaling between the screen resolution and the UI-Builder.

  6. XWS-1830 - Basically the same as XWS-1824. Working with a Windows Display Zoom of 125% and higher leads to several problems with in the UI-Builder. This has been fixed, see XWS-1824.

  7. XWS-1829 - Using the “externalize strings” I18N functionality and building a “.war“ file, the created war-file does not contain the file with the externalized strings. This has been fixed.

  8. XWS-1828 - Using the “FindAllQuery“ of a DAO-Object wich does not contain a “@Caption” annotation throws a NullPointerException instead of using the toString() Method. This has been fixed.

  9. XWS-1833 - Using a RangeValidator for a number field in combination with the datatype “Short“ generates a compiler error in the code. This has been fixed.

  10. XWS-1835 - Using the “Select“ component and setting the property “EmptySelectionAllowed“ to true leads to an exception. This has been fixed.

  11. XWS-1838 - JPASQL and DAO Methods with Parameters were choosable in the properties section of the UI-Builder. This leads to compiler errors in the generated code. Methods and JPASQL functions with parameters are no longer available in the properties section.

  12. XWS-1844 - Fixed a code generator bug. If a Grid has a type with type parameters (ArrayList<String> or Map<String, String>) the code did not generate properly. This has been fixed.

  13. XWS-1847 - The UI-Builder toolbar buttons (LiveLocalization and ExternalizeStrings) are missing. Now they are available again.


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