Patchnotes Version 4.0


  1. RapidClipse 4.0 bases on the latest Eclipse version 2018-12.

  2. Java 11 support.

  3. Improvement of the caching adjustment in the IDE. In the past the hibernate cache was adjusted by the RapidClipse framework and it was quite hard to add or implement custom caching strategies. This has been changed in the Version 4.0.0.

    1. How to adjust the entity cache?

    2. How to adjust the query cache?

    3. How to adjust the caching of queries done by the framework?

  4. Several JDBC drivers were updatet:

    1. H2: 1.3.176 → 1.4.197

    2. MySQL: 5.1.35 → 5.1.46

    3. MSSQL: 4.1.0 → 6.4.0.jre8

    4. DB2: 4.19.26 → 4.24.92

    5. PostgreSQL: 42.0.0 → 42.2.2

  5. Several new JDBC dialects are available:

    1. Oracle 12c

    2. TimesTen

    3. MariaDB

    4. MariaDB53

    5. DerbyTenFive

    6. DerbyTenSix

    7. DerbyTenSeven

  6. The folowing hibernate properties were added to the persistence.xml

    <!-- If set to "true", very detailed informations are shown in the console about your queries and the time needs to get the data. This is useful to find fix database performance issues --> <property name="hibernate.generate_statistics" value="false" /> <!-- Specifies whether to automatically quote any names that are deemed keywords. --> <property name="hibernate.auto_quote_keyword" value="true" />

    If there are any issues with your database connection after updating your project to Version 4.0.0. Remove these properties and try again.

  7. A new DAO interface has been implemented: com.xdev.dal.DataAccessObject<T, ID>. This interface is very useful, if you want to write a custom DAO implentation for many different types of data storage.

  8. Google Charts has been implemented. Here you can find the documentation.

  9. Several code template were added to the code palette

    1. TableExport - For generic XdevTable data export. PDF, CSV, DOCX, ...

    2. Enable QueryCache Full - here

    3. Enable QueryCache Single - here

    4. Entity Cache Strategy - here

  10. We changed the GUI-Builder and Preview server from Jetty to Tomcat

    1. Preview and GUI Builder are more stable and reliable

    2. Preview and live system are equal in many cases


  1. Transferring variables or objects by the XdevNavigator containing generics was not possible in the past. e.g. List<String> or XdevTable<Customer>. This has been fixed.

  2. In the past, after renaming a XdevView the underlying .xml file was not refactored correctly. This has been fixed.

  3. While validating entity attributes, the tooling sometimes lost the focus. This has been fixed.

  4. Many further minor bugs has been fixed.

Performance improvements:

  1. We have improved the performance of the entire IDE by adding caching functionality, especially for beeing able to handle huges projects.

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