Patchnotes Version 3.1


  • The IDE is now available on Linux Systems
  • The IDE is now available on MacOS Systems
  • Add the new NEON Eclipse Version
  • A full “JasperReports” integration has been implemented

  • Export of table contend. The following code leads at runtime to an export wizard.
    1. Add the Reports Facet to the Project
    2. Use the following Code “;” on a ButtonEvent to open this dialog at runtime
  • Wizard to parse and fill report templates. We created a wizard to easily read a reporttemplate and fill the right fields with the right data.
  • Integrated JasperReportsStudio. We integrated the JasperReportsStudio per default. Normaly it has to be installed by the Marketplace.
  • XdevHashConverter implemented. See the following code snippets to use the converter:

MD5HashConverter converterMD5 = new MD5HashConverter();

SHA1HashConverter converterSHA = new SHA1HashConverter();

SHA2HashConverter converterSHA2 = new SHA2HashConverter();

PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1HashConverter converterPBKDF = new PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1HashConverter();

  • XdevAuthentication Hash functionalitiy has changed to UTF-8. The usage of some special letter inside the password could lead to an error. This has been fixed.
  • UI Designer checks project integrity before loading. In the past, if there were some missing framework parts at opening a View or something else the IDE could be freeze. This has been fixed
  • JavaFX Check on Installation startup. JavaFx isn’t part of the OpenJDK which is used in Linux systems.
  • XdevBorderLayout removed from the “Palette”. The XdevBorderLayout should no longer be used, because of that we removed this Layout from the Palette. The Layout is still available by code of the framework API.
  • Some Palette extensions
  • “Toggle Accessible View” – Adds the “Accessible View” Interface to the selected view to enable the access to this view before the application login
  • “Authentication logout” Adds logout(); to the code.
  • GUI-Persistence code templates
    • GuiPersistence Load - Restores a previously saved state of the <code>component</code> and its sub-components as a String.
    • GuiPersistence Persist – Persists the state of <code>component</code> and its sub-components. This is used for more complex requirements
    • GuiPersistence Restore - Restores a previously saved state of the <code>component</code> and its sub-components.
    • GuiPersistence Save - Persists the state of <code>component</code> and its sub-components and returns the serialized data.
  • “Application Execute” - Adds threading template to the code. For a lightweight thread implementation or to ensure the access to the persistence context within threads or web services this template can be used.
  • All Swing-Components were removed from the IDE because of the following reasons:
    • Better support for high resolution screens
    • Necessary Linux and MacOS
  • A redesign of several views was necessary because of the transfer from Swing to SWT
    • Properties
    • ToolBox
    • Quick Launcher
    • Validation
    • Fieldgroup Mapping Dialog
    • A lot of small helper Dialogs and chooser

Framework Versions upgrade:

  • Hibernate: 5.2.8 -> 5.2.9
  • C3P0: 5.2.8 -> 5.2.9


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