Patchnotes Version 10.2.2


  • no new features available


  • In Version 10.2.1 at some machines opening a JPADAO File the Editor ends up with a NullPointerException. This has been fixed.

  • Some of the UI Persistence features specially for the Grid and SplitLayout aren´t worked in 10.2.1. We reworked the persistence specially for these two components. Because of some issues in the Vaadin framework we will not be able to persist the Grid column order and the split position of the SplitLayout. This has to be done manually on the java side with a listener.

  • The GUI-Builder is stuck in an endless loop of starting the virtual machine after adding a “@Theme“ annotation on a view which has not a route . This has been fixed.

  • The IronIcons were not visible in 10.2.1. This has been fixed. IronIcon are useable again.




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