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Beispiel: Füllen der Daten

final ChartModel model = ChartModel.New() .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.STRING, "topic", "topic")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.STRING, "task", "task")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.DATE, "startDate", "startDate")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.DATE, "endDate", "endDate")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.NUMBER, "duration", "duration")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.NUMBER, "percentcomplete", "percentcomplete")) .addColumn(Column.New(Column.Type.STRING, "dependencies", "dependencies")); model.addRow("Research", "Find sources", LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 1), LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 5), null, 100, null); model.addRow("Write", "Write paper", null, LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 9), Duration.ofDays(3).toMillis(), 25, "Research,Outline"); model.addRow("Cite", "Create bibliography", null, LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 7), Duration.ofDays(1).toMillis(), 20, "Research"); model.addRow("Complete", "Hand in paper", null, LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 10), Duration.ofDays(1).toMillis(), 0, "Cite,Write"); model.addRow("Outline", "Outline paper", null, LocalDate.of(2015, 1, 6), Duration.ofDays(1).toMillis(), 100, "Research"); this.ganttChart.setModel(model);

API und Methoden:





Gantt Arrow Configuration

For Gantt Chartsgantt.arrow controls the various properties of the arrows connecting tasks.


final Arrow arrow = Arrow.Builder() .angle(1) //The angle of the head of the arrow. .color("blue") //The color of the arrows. .length(4) //The length of the head of the arrow. .width(3) //The width of the arrows. .radius(0) //The radius for defining the curve of the arrow between two tasks. .spaceAfter(3) //The amount of whitespace between the head of an arrow and the task to which it points. .build();

Gantt Configuration


final Gantt gantt = Gantt.Builder() .arrow(arrow) .barCornerRadius(0) //The radius for defining the curve of a bar's corners. .barHeight(15) //The height of the bars for tasks. .criticalPathEnabled(true) //If true any arrows on the critical path will be styled differently. .criticalPathStyle(LineStyle.New("red", 3)) //An object containing the style for any critical path arrows. .defaultStartDate(DateValue.Date( //If the start date cannot be computed from the values in the DataTable, the start date will be set to this. .innerGridDarkTrack(BarStyle.New("white")) //The fill color of the inner grid track. .innerGridHorizLine(LineStyle.New("black", 3)) //Defines the style of the inner horizontal grid lines. .innerGridTrack(BarStyle.New("gray")) //The fill color of the inner grid track. .labelStyle(TextStyle.New("black", "Arial", 12)) //An object containing the styles for task labels. .labelMaxWidth(20) //The maximum amount of space allowed for each task label. .percentEnabled(true) //Fills the task bar based on the percentage completed for the task. .shadowColor("blue") //Defines the color of the shadows under any task bar which has dependencies. .shadowEnabled(true) //If set to true, draws a shadow under each task bar which has dependencies. .shadowOffset(4) //Defines the offset, in pixels, of the shadows under any task bar which has dependencies. .trackHeight(40) //The height of the tracks. .build(); this.ganttChart.setGantt(gantt);


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